Content is king - presentation is key to success

Our mission is to simplify your interface with your customer - whatever your needs are, our international and experienced team can deliver smooth customer experiences for mobile phones, tablets, smartTV and the Web. We enable you to focus on what is important to you: engaging with your customer.

As a full service provider we take care of project management, process re-engineering, e-marketing, and social media marketing - reducing your time to market as well as your implementation costs.



Blue Ocean Mobile Media AG
Luegislandstrasse 105

Service Delivery Model

With more than 15 years experience, we are competent in delivering complex, quality software projects in time and on budget.

With our holistic agile approach our customers get the most current technology for the best price. The agile development approach starts with the requirements analysis, which is developed by our core team in close cooperation with the customer. The execution takes place with the most suitable partners (near- and off shore) and is controlled and tightly monitored by BOMM.

With BOMM YOU have a partner that is always on your side to provide you with excellent performance.

Our Partners

Our project delivery is based on our network of experienced specialists with whom we have formed strong relationships. We bring together the best team for your project - this way you are sure to work with a select group of professionals who draw on their technical as well as commercial experience in delivering for you.

Telecom and IT consulting for mobile operators and professional engineering, consulting and software development services.

Web technology, mobile application and e-commerce solution for the digital spectrum.


Interactive Concepts


Veetings flag ship product Veeting Rooms offers a virtual meeting environment with audio and video conferencing, business-class slideshow presentation, document sharing, text chat and tools to take business meetings virtual.


Your place for professional business advice.


ROBECOSAM (Financial Services)
Multidimensional data warehouse for sustainability benchmarking. Metadata framework for storing arbitrary data points at multiple points in time. Highly flexible aggregation system allowing for custom calculations at each aggregation level. Data acquisition through a built-in questionnaire generator including custom validation.

Swisscom, ISSR (Telecom)
The Swisscom ISSR platform provides a set of graphical tools for monitoring availability of systems and interfaces. Each status change is logged and commented, which helps keeping track of downtimes. Several reports summarize the health of the system.

LOOMIS, MSE eShop- order quickly and easily (Security Services)
With the E-Shop of Loomis Schweiz AG, you can process your cash orders securely and easily. In addition to banknotes and coins, we also provide you with an ordering option for consumable materials, such as security bags and seals.

Telco-grade, SIP-based VoIP platform with video and audio. Interoperability of webRTC and proprietary plugin for maximum platform penetration. High availability and instant scalability of components. Integrated marketplace billing solution. Business logic and web apps implemented in Google App Engine.

Community-based Live & OnDemand sports video broadcasting with paid subscription and crowd funding.
Worldwide CDN based multi-Device, multi-Bitrate video streaming. High performance LAMP platform with Reverse-Proxy and Memcache.


Based on cutting edge front end technologies. We use Sencha to deliver web apps that provide the best user experience and are compatible with all browsers and platforms. For mobile development we have all choices: responsive design, hybrid apps or fast native apps with high customer retention.

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Google Web Toolkit
  • Sencha ExtJS
  • Android
  • jQuery
  • Apple iOS

The backbone of every technology stack, running on a server and supplying contents to the clients. Although we work with several frameworks rocketing productivity through the roof, at the end of the day it's all pure Java!

  • Java
  • Spring, Java-framework
  • Google Appengine
  • Hibernate

Apart from the traditional databases like Oracle and MySQL, non-SQL Databases like Google BigTable and Memcache are playing a central role when it comes to highly scalable web platforms.

  • Google Datastore
  • MySql
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft SQL Server


We rely on agile processes combined with a systematic view on the product as a whole. This guarantees that our app meets your requirements and is future-proof. At the end of the day, extendability is what makes a great product.

  • Jira issue tracking
  • Eclipse development platform

We can deploy and manage multiple application versions with ease. Cloud-based application hosting is the key to measuring success of product improvements.

  • GIT revision tool
  • Bitbucket


Continuous integration, building and testing ensure that our applications keep their high level of functionality. To manage complexity and dependency, automatisation is a must.

  • Jenkins continuous integration
  • Selenium browser automation